Sunday, November 11, 2018

GIF of the day: VP16B Remote control 40mm fire support platfrom

Chassis is the standard "Lynx" all-terrain vehicle that has been in service with the PLA for over a decade.

The design is clearly geared toward rapid deployment. A design that can bring light, easy transportable, fire support to both the Marine and the Airborne units

QN506, the MOUT of Type59mod with a 3-man crew

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Forever Type59 and PL66

China Poly Group is showing off their latest mods to the forever young Type59 MBT and PL66 152mm.  Type66 howitzer entered service in 1966, itself a copy of the old Soviet D20.   At some point, 
China Poly Group please sing with me:

Type59 with a Type88C "like" firecontrol and armor package. 

APU-66-152 and truck mounted Type66


Photos of the day: J-10B "1034" showing off its Thrust Vector Control WS-10B engine

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Airborne's new toy

The Chinese Airborne Corps is using this year's Zhuhai Airshow to show off three of its in-service IFVs (if you can call those thin-skinned vehicle that)

Sino-BMD-4:  Noted the 100mm low-pressure gun together with a 30mm coaxial auto-cannon and 7.62 coaxial mg, almost identical to a standard Bakhcha-U turret.  The 2x3 smoke grenade discharges are missing but I am sure they can be retrofitted.

Next up:  Replace the Bakhcha-U turret with a 120mm Gun-Mortar found on a PPZ10.  And, you have instant in-direct fire support rolling off a Y-20

Updated  QL550 4x4 Recon AFV already in army service.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

New Chinese Amphibian Vehicle: Speed boat with 4x retractable tracks

Those four little tracks would make this a beach crawler with little utility on the road. It's more in the same class as the US Navy's LARC-V but faster on the water due to better hydrodynamic shape when the tracks retracted, and the use of waterjets.