Saturday, May 23, 2020

China Airforce's 134th Combined-Arms Mechanized Airborne Brigade's ZBD03 is now desert camo-ed

The 134th won its fame and fortune as the 45th Infantry Division 15th Army during Battle of Triangle Hill, or Battle of Shangganling of Chinese lexicon of the Korea War.   During that battle, the 45th Division suffered over 4,000 casualties in just ten days of fighting.

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Friday, August 05, 2016

Photos of the day: 15th Airborne corps airdrops in Tibet with Y-9

Military deputies to NPC talk about advancing actual combat training

    China Military Online
    Yang Tao

    2020-05-22 18:49:24
By Qian Xiaohu

Highlighting combat-led training: using battlefield demand to direct actual combat training

"When we talked about actual combat training in the past, we referred to picking up the gun and then aiming at the target. What we cared about then was the gun. Now, we should first ask if the target and the environment are scientifically set ?" said deputy Wu Yingxia, a senior engineer at a base of the PLA Army.

Deputy Xi Chaofeng from the PLA 82nd Group Army felt a real change in using "battlefield demand" to pull actual combat training. The air defense brigade which he is assigned to is stationed in the same place with an air force department, but there has been little exchange between the two units over the years. Today, joint training and confrontation drills have become the training norm of the two. "Going to somewhere unfamiliar thousands of miles away for cross-regional drills and accepting multiple tests of complex electromagnetic environments, special geographic environments, and extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more common for service members of our air defense brigades," said Xi Chaofeng.
A WZ-10 attack helicopter attached to an army aviation brigade under the PLA 72nd Group Army releases chaff and flares for concealment in the training scenario on April 28, 2020. The training exercise mainly focused on subjects including maritime assault and defense at ultra-low altitude, round-the-clock live-fire operation and others. ( Photo by phZhang Huanpeng)

Deputy Xu Liqiang, from a base of the PLA Air Force, introduced: "Now, the target obstacle setting, the knowledge structure of the trainers, and the use of the Blue Army's tactics have all changed with the shift in simulated combat opponents." The actual combat exercises, including "Red Sword", "Golden Helmet", "Golden Dart" and "Blue Shield" organized by his troops have become effective ways to enhance the combat effectiveness of the troops.

Emphasizing systematic training: "You are not fighting alone."

The PLA has showcased various new-type combined arms forces on our military training range and carried out intensive actual combat training. Behind these drills is the common focus on systematic support.

"In modern warfare, the battlefield space is spreading across all ranges, including the land, sea, air, sky, electricity, and the Internet. One of my deepest feelings is that you are not fighting alone!" said deputy Kong Jun from the PLA Marine Corps.

"Real combat readiness, as well as systematic integration, is inevitable," said deputy Yang Cheng, political commissioner of the PLA 73rd Group Army. Take the combined arms battalion of the PLA Army as an example. The battalion not only has an infantry company, but also involves tanks, howitzers, engineers, chemical defense, electronics, and reconnaissance. It also establishes directly supportive relationships with the air force and artillery groups. It is difficult to win on the battlefield without real integration.

Deputy Yu Hailong from the PLA Air Force Airborne Corps believes that the focus of joint training should be set on the primary level, starting from joint training of basic combat units such as individual soldiers and single equipment; from the integration of basic units such as squad, company, platoon, and battalion; from the examination of a unit to that of the whole; and, from the test of a single soldier to that of the team, so as to achieve the integration from each level to the overall armed forces.

Prioritizing the confrontation test: make progress from each fight

Over the past few years, deputy Ding Guolin from a department of the PLA Rocket Force led a team to review and summarize dozens of missile models, nearly a hundred pieces of standards regarding training guidance and adjustment, as well as thousands kinds of special circumstances. They successfully constructed realistic battlefield environment and formed the "Red and Blue" confrontation training mode with the characteristics of the PLA Rocket Force.
A main battle tank (MBT) attached to an armored detachment of a combined brigade under the PLA 72nd Group Army rumbles through a narrow rough mountain road during a driving skills test on May 11, 2020. ( by Xiao Yuxuan)

Before going to Beijing to attend the session, deputy Mahe Pali(transliterated from Kazakh into English), commander of the fifth tank company under the Chinese PLA’s Xinjiang Military Command, was still training half-slope tank-starting operation in a training range in the deep Tianshan Mountains. One mistake may cause the engine to detonate or even roll over. Mahe Pali pulled the joystick tightly with both hands and restarted decisively. Finally, with a huge roar, the tank whistled towards the destination.

“If we sweat more in daily training, we will have more chances to win in wartime”, the military deputies said. In recent years, Chinese military has conducted most of the exercises at the largest scale with the most comprehensive elements that are all unseen before. Actual combat training is pushing PLA's combat effectiveness to a new level.

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Meet Zhu Lin, China Airforce's first female chopper pilot

She is a member of the China Airforce, the China Army which has a much larger chopper fleet currently do not have an "other half" among them.  Same goes with the China Navy nor China PAP

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Friday, May 22, 2020

The new improved 105mm wheeled assault gun/Wheeled IFV family spotted again

Based on the same ZTL11 8x8  chassis with improved armor protection and a new a new turret to boot.

Photo Source (here)

Command variant?
 IFV/APC variant
 The 105mm assault gun variant

Your standard PTL-11 assault gun and ZBL08 IFV currently in service

Sunday, February 10, 2019

An improved 105mm wheeled assault gun under winter trails at Baicheng Weapon Test Center

Judging by the limited screen captures below, this new 8x8 ZBL08 based assault gun is featuring a new turret, claims to be remote controlled + auto loader, a new RWS on top to sum of a total of 11 automated systems/functions.    Basic armor is also getting an upgrade.

 Baicheng Weapon Test Center

 The in-service 8x8 ZBL08 based assault gun variant

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Computer render of the new Chinese 8x8 assault gun/tank destroyer

Computer render of the new 8x8 assault gun/tank destroyer. We already know this has a remote turret featuring the 105mm tank gun and auto loader from the Type 15 light tank. This shows the addition of the commander's panoramic sight from the VN17 infantry fighting vehicle, which is also based on the Type 15 light tank, and finally, remote weapon station for the 50 cal HMG, which looks like the one from the VT-4 MBT.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Luda Class, a good bye








Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little Luda that could

30 years ago, when the might of the Soviet Red Navy deployed the battlecruiser Admiral Lazarev to its Pacific fleet, the Chinese send their most powerful combatant that time for a little welcoming party.

Here are photos of their encounter back in early 1985, a classic David vs Goliath match up.

DDG133 Chongqing today, enjoying its retirement.