Friday, December 04, 2020

UN peacekeepers with their Type11 BDU

China rotates its peacekeeping infantry battalion in South Sudan

    China Military Online
    Li Jiayao

    2020-12-04 16:33:22

The first echelon of the 7th Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion to South Sudan sets off to mission area on December 3, 2020. (Photo by Jiang Huixin)

BEIJING, Dec 4 -- The first echelon’s 350 peacekeepers of the Chinese 7th peacekeeping infantry battalion to South Sudan departed on December 3 from north China’s Tianjin Municipality for a one-year peacekeeping mission.

The 700 members of the 7th peacekeeping infantry battalion to South Sudan are mainly selected from a particular combined arms brigade under the PLA 81st Group Army. They have been scheduled to be dispatched to Sudan in two batches and will be tasked with guarding, armed patrolling, conflict responding, and civilian protecting, among other peacekeeping missions.

The second echelon will depart from Tianjin in late December as scheduled.

On the same day, 350 members of the first echelon of the 6th Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion left South Sudan for China. And the second echelon will return to China on December 24.

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Intelligent vegetable self-supply systems serve PLA troops at alpine regions





    China Military Online
    Li Jiayao

    2020-12-02 17:34:51

BEIJING, Dec. 2 -- Recently, an intelligent vegetable self-supply system (IVSS) was delievered to the PLA troops stationed at an elevation of nearly 3,000m before the area was blocked by the heavy snow. The installation and debugging have been completed.

This is a new-type support model to apply the vegetable-planting factory technique using artificial light in an insulated cabin to cultivate fresh vegetables for the PLA troops stationed in remote and isolated areas.

Due to the extreme environment in the alpine regions, there are no fresh vegetables available for some border troops from November to next March. With the deployment of the IVSS systems, steady production of vegetables all through the year under harsh environmental conditions would no longer be a problem.

The IVSS can be wildely applied in various environments such as plateaus, mountains, Gobi deserts, islands and reefs. A 20-foot high-yield planting cabin can produce an average of 9kg of vegetables per day, sufficient to meet the daily needs of 40 people for fresh vegetables. The planting cycle is shortened to 21 days, only one third of the traditional planting method.

The system is easy to operate and maintain and can be remotely controlled. The system’s hydroponic cultivation technology without any soilare is characterized by strong adaptability to the environment, power and water saving, low energy consumption, and no pollution.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Assault team, People's Armed Police,


People's Armed Police, Anti-terror Infantry squad

 This infantry squad is under the command of Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture detachment (division), Xinjiang PAP Corps

A 9-man squad is clearly visible here: one  LG5 / QLU-11 35mm sniper grenade launcher,  one  QBU88 5.8x42mm (Designated Marksman)Rifle and a bunch Type95B/side arms

Type66 152mm in direct fire mode

 One hack of a way to take out a machine gun nest.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

71st SpOps Brigade, 71st Group Army, Eastern Theater Command

One of China Army's "amphibious" SpOps brigades.   In addition to having organic mechanized amphibious "heavies",  the China Army has direct command over three SpOps brigades trained for "light" amphibious and MOUT missions.  The Chinese high command can count on them to supplement the China marine

Saturday, November 21, 2020