Saturday, August 08, 2020

China Army Unit Of The Day: 73rd Air-Defense Brigade, 73rd Group Army, Eastern Theater Command

The 73rd is a highly mobile China Army unit, formerly designated as the Air Defense Brigade, 31st MR, Nanjing MR. She is home to China's first operator of the imported Russia Tor-M1 missile system (SA-15) 

The unit was commissioned in Dec 1950 and took part in the Korea War where it was credited with 710 aircraft damaged or destroyed.   Together with other Eastern Theater Command line units, it is trained to conduct amphibious operations.


3x Battalions of Russia Tor-M1, 12 x launcher vehicles per battalion

2x Battalions of HA-16A SAM

1x Battalion of PG 35mm AAA

1 Company of HN-6 MANPADS organic to Brigade HQ

 Photo source (here)

"And Then There Were Five"

 Nice shot of five Type071 LPD together

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

PLA Army's attack helicopters conduct sea-crossing assault drills on Navy warship

来源:Global Times责任编辑:Wang Xinjuan

2020-08-05 23:12

Z-10 attack helicopters attached to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Army recently conducted a series of sea-crossing assault drills on a Navy warship. The combination of Army helicopters and Navy warships can significantly boost the PLA's amphibious, vertical landing capability and will play a vital role in potential military operations on the island of Taiwan, military analysts said on Wednesday.

An aviation brigade under the 73rd Group Army and a Navy vessel squadron recently held an exercise on cross-service integration between helicopters and warships, in which Army helicopters including the Z-10, Z-9 and Mi-171 landed on a Navy warship and conducted coordinated command and sea-crossing assault drills in a southern sea area off East China's Fujian Province, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Tuesday.

During the drills, the Army helicopters took off from a land base, approached the sea area where the Navy's Type 071 amphibious landing ship was located, and landed on the flight deck of the warship, the report said.

After soldiers boarded the aircraft, transport helicopters took off again and headed toward the mission area at low altitude under the cover of attack helicopters. On arriving at the designated areas, the soldiers aboard the helicopters rappelled down the helicopters and initiated the attack, CCTV reported.

At least one Z-10 attack helicopter featured in the drills is the latest, upgraded variant with upward-facing exhaust openings, which are expected to reduce the chopper's infrared signals and make it harder to target, CCTV's military program Weihutang pointed out.

This type of exercise is very significant for the PLA's amphibious, vertical landing capability, as the Army Aviation Force can be trained to become capable of integrating with the Navy Aviation Force and Marines in a large-scale landing operation, a military expert who asked not to be named told the Global Times on Wednesday.

The Navy Aviation Force does not have attack helicopters like the Z-10, and the strong fire support from this kind of helicopter will be vital in suppressing hostile ground forces, the expert said.

China is developing the Type 075 amphibious assault ship, which will be able to host more helicopters than the Type 071 in amphibious assault missions. Two Type 075s have been launched since 2019.

Zhang Keqiang, a flight commander of the Army aviation brigade, said on CCTV that the drills accumulated data and experience for future helicopter-warship integrated combat.

Amphibious assault and landing ships, as well as the helicopters carried by them, are key instruments in potential military operations on the island of Taiwan, the anonymous expert said.

075 undergoes sea trials, view from a cargo ship

Photos of the day: 73rd LH Brigade, 73rd Group Army, heliborne amphibious assault

If I don't know any better, I think those guys are gearing up for something "bigger" to operate from

Monday, August 03, 2020

Photos of the day: China Mairne SpOps in their new Type 19 BDU

Saturday, January 13, 2018

PLA Unit of the day: Marine Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Brigade, China Navy

Each China Navy Marine Brigade has an organic Reconnaissance Battalion, they are trained to carry out all-terrain reconnaissance, battlefield surveillance, counter-reconnaissance missions as well as SpOps on bard of PLAN warships.  Since day one, each of the China Navy anti-piracy task force to the Gulf of Aden has been assigned those reconnaissance elements serving both in SpOps and traditional duties of Marines in ship's detachments.

As you can tell, they have two sets of uniforms -- traditional "smurf blue" when they are under their normal chain-of-command.  In that role, their are reserved in supporting their Marine comrades-in-arms by providing timely intelligence to their marine brigade command.   They switch to their "Right Said Fred - ‘I’m Too Sexy" black during a foreign deployment and under the Gulf of Aden task force Command at the CMC, headed by a naval flag officer.  

Special operations soldier assigned to a reconnaissance battalion with the Marine Corps under the PLA Navy fades into his background as he looks through the sight of his sniper rifle during a sniper training exercise. ( by Yan Jialuo, Pu Yuxiang and Xia Lei)

 Special operations soldiers assigned to a reconnaissance battalion with the Marine Corps under the PLA Navy establish their firing positions with rifles to provide security during a recent special operations training exercise. ( by Yan Jialuo, Pu Yuxiang and Xia Lei)

 Two special operations soldiers maneuver on skis as they lock in simulated targets with sniper rifles during a recent special operations training exercise. ( by Yan Jialuo, Pu Yuxiang and Xia Lei)

Special operations soldiers assigned to a reconnaissance battalion with the Marine Corps under the PLA Navy conduct diving operations underwater with rifles during a recent special operations training exercise. ( by Yan Jialuo, Pu Yuxiang and Xia Lei)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

VBSS body armor adopted.

Judging by the photos of PLAN's 9th Task Force to the Gulf and Aden, it seems the PLAN SpOps team has adopted Clear Duty's VBSS body armor.    Also noted from the photo of a fore-gripped Type95, the PLAN is allowing its elites a greater leverage in customizing their gear.

All those adjustments show that the decision to participate in the anti-piracy duties is paying dividends in unexpected ways for the PLAN.

Friday, June 10, 2011

PLAMC testing new VBSS body armor vest for boarding team 

Clear Duty VBSS body armor vest is being tested by the PLAMC for boarding party. It's made by a local Chinese private company. VBSS stands for Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure operation.

The CD VBSS is more comfortable and offers quick-release that the standard issued Type 06 body armor lacks. The quick-release is a life saver if a boarding team member fall into the water. All he needed it is just pull the quick-release to remove the vest (which will be loaded down with hard plates, ammo, pistol, comm & other gears) and swim to the surface.

The vest uses Kevlar material and has large SAPI size hard plate pocket in the front and back. --
- Timothy Yan