Friday, July 03, 2020

China Air Force Unit Of The Day: 61st Brigade (J-10B), Northern Theater Command

Nice PR Shots

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China Army Unit Of The Day: 12th, LX11, Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade, 76th Group Army, Western Theater Command

Another all-tracked brigade that has been reclassified as "Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade" and ID-ed as LX11.   L = Land, X = Western.  Also sporting the new desert camo as well.

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A battle group of a "1,000" troop formation on the move.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

PR photos of the day: Joint Tactical Battlegroup (Battalion), 12th Combined-Arms Brigade, 76th GA, Western Theater Command

PPZ10 Tracked 120mm Gun-Mortar

Monday, June 29, 2020

Professional publication of the day: Overview of the PLA Air Force’s Kongtian Yiti Strategy

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Introduction This paper examines the “integrated air and space capability” (kongtian yiti / 空天一体) component of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force’s (PLAAF) first ever service strategy, which was implemented to coincide with the PLAAF’s 10th Party Congress in May 2004 and represented a major milestone in China’s efforts to build a “Strategic Air Force.”2 Although the strategy has a second component – “coordinating offensive and defensive operations”3 (攻防兼备) – the paper will not discuss this in any detail. The PLAAF often combines the two components together in the phrases “ building a strong air force based on integrating air and space capabilities, and coordinating offensive and defensive operations” (建设一支空天一体,攻防兼备的强大人民空军) and “creating a modern air force with integrated air and space capabilities and coordinate offensive and defensive operations ” (空天一体,攻防兼备的现代化空军). It also uses “to change from an aviation-type [air force] to an air and space-type [air force]” (航空型向空天一体型转变). However, there is normally very little substance in the articles concerning what this means.4In May 2004, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Military Commission (aka Central Military Commission / CMC) implemented the strategy as one component of the reforms to the PLA’s “Military Strategic Guidelines” (军事战略方针)5 that were first implemented in 1956 and is linked to the PLA’s “active defense” (积极防御) strategy that dates back to the 1930

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Non-Chinese photos of the day: T-34, let it rip and let it flip

from the parade 3 days ago

Orbat update: 7th Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade, 82nd Group Army

Update and  photo credit go to Andrew KC

As part of the 2016 reorg, 7th Armored Brigade, 27th GA, became the 7th Combined-Arms Brigade, 82nd Group Army.  Recently it changed its title to 7th Heavy Armor Combined-Arms Brigade, after an injection of newer and heavier equipment. 

Its four Heavy Armor Combined-Arms battalions are equipped with:

- PPZ10 120mm SPM

Air Defense Battalion (7xxx):

- PGZ09 35mm SPAAA
- HQ-17 SAM
- PGZ04A 25mm SPAAA

Artillery Battalion (6xxx)

- PLZ07A 122mm SPH
- PLZ89 122mm SPH
- PHZ11 122 SPMRL