Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chinese Military will buy the NewStar 2002 light wheeled APC

After People's Armed Police, 13 major provicial police departments, UN Peace Keepers and Bangladeshi bought the NewStar 2002 light APC, the PLA is finally decided it's good enought for them too. Most likely will be use for recon and light duty roles. Its chassis and engine are based on a German designed heavy duty commerical van manufactured by a privated Chinese truck company. Recently in Haiti, the NewStar 2002's side armor was pierced by .30-06 at close range. All the NewStar 2002 are getting ballistic spalling liner install. Noted that was probably the lighter 6-ton law enforcement model in Haiti. The better protected 8-ton military version has 10mm thick armor protection in the front arc. The NewStar 2002 offers direct mine and IED protection upto 25kg level. For a starting price of $120,000, the NewStar is cheaper than add-on armor kit for the US made Hummvv. --- Timothy Yan

Happy New Year! from the CDF team. China Defense Forum will be open to all during the new year holiday.

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