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Division of Shenyang MAC uses Kriegspiel to test new fighting methods 2008-05-07


  A division of the Shenyang Military Area Command (MAC) held a Kriegspiel of infantry battalion in attack on May 4. In the course of carrying out trial training in compliance with new Outline of Military Training and Evaluation, this division has developed a Kriegspiel system for command training at division-, regiment- and battalion-levels or at multi-levels, and a Kriegspiel training approach with computer-aided judgment has come into shape in this division.

  Division Commander Gao Guanghui who was giving guidance to Kriegspiel told the reporters: "With scientific calculation, Kriegspiel has turned the qualitative analysis in sand-table exercise into quantitative analysis. Thus it is more prudent and more scientific. For example, each piece is marked with important information, such as designation, fighting power, and mobile capability, etc.

  After each round of battle, the controllers of the two belligerent sides had to fill in combat, casualty, and ammunition and POL consumption, etc into a judgment form. Gao also said, "In the past, the difficulty of confrontational training lay in the judgment of the losses of two belligerent sides after battles. For Kriegspiel, you can simulate casualties and equipment losses in the battlefield completely, making the judgment more specific and precise."

  Two hours later, the "red" and "blue" sides completed the exercises of three different operational plans. The results showed that under same conditions, the first operational plan could achieve the tactical goal with the shortest time. Gao Guanghui said, "Kriegspiel is an ideal training tool to enhance the strategic sense of commanders, and it also offers a new platform for testing new fighting methods."

  By Shi Binxin and An Puzhong

  (May 7, PLA Daily) Editor: Dong Zhaihui

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