Monday, April 05, 2010

Shanzhai spirit strikes again.

The PLA's First-generation All-Terrain Tracked Ambulance that was revealed during the 22nd International Medical Instruments And Equipment Exhibition (here) -- a 山寨
knock-off Alvis Hagglunds BV206S.

New generation of PLA medical equipment on international exhibition

(Source: PLA Daily) 2010-04-06

All-terrain tracked ambulance

  At the 22nd International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition, a new generation of medical equipment of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) made a collective display on March 26 and became a highlight of the exhibition. Such categories of China-made equipment as plateau oxygen-generating equipment, information-based equipment, simulation training equipment, test equipment, NBC equipment, emergency rescue equipment and long-distance medical treatment equipment were displayed respectively at the exhibition, all-roundly showing the achievements obtained in the construction of the PLA information-based medical equipment in recent years.

  The all-terrain tracked ambulance which was displayed for the first time adopted the structure of tracked dual-car body and installed with the satellite positioning system. With such a vehicle, the frontline combat troop units (elements) can implement cross-country maneuver under such special terrain conditions as desert, marshland, tidal land and snowfield and accomplish rapid and safe transportation and on-the-way first-aid for the wounded from battlefield (disaster-stricken site).

  The “NBC” bioinstrumentation vehicle which can offer mobile and rapid bioinstrumentation technology platform to fight against sudden epidemic outbreak and anti-terrorism in peace time and carry out NBC medical rescue in war time. It can be used as a mobile lab for bioinstrumentation.

  The field operation vehicle has the function of remote medical consultation, which can link the forefront field medical agencies and rear hospitals to carry out remote expert consultation and offer diagnosis and treatment guidance for the rescue of the wounded under emergency maneuver conditions, and support the early-phase treatment and special treatment of the critically wounded from a distance by relying on the remote medical information network of the PLA.

  It’s learned that during the “Peace Mission 2009” joint military exercise, the Wenchuan earthquake relief, the Haiti earthquake relief and the UN peacekeeping missions, the employment of the new generation of military medical equipment enabled the further improvement of the medical support capability of the PLA in implementing diversified military actions.

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