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Zhuhai suprise: The Il-76 soap opera continues.

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Rosoboronexport to deliver ten Il-76 transports to China

ZHUHAI, China. Nov 19 (Interfax-AVN) - Russia will deliver ten Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft to China following overall repairs, said Sergei Kornev, a deparatment head with the Russian state arms trader Rosoboronexport.

"Under a contract signed with China we will deliver ten Il-76 aircraft from the stock available, and we have already selected seven of the ten," Kornev told reporters at Air Show China in Zhuhai, where he had arrived as leader of the Rosoboronexport delegation.

The contract deals with military transports already used and put through overall repairs, he said.

Asked whether China had been offered the upgraded IL-476 to be produced in Ulyanovsk, he sad, "it would be premature to speculate before the plane has gone through the entire testing program."

The plane has been deeply upgraded and got new engines, wing and avionics, he said.

"We will promote this plane as it has a good export potential," Kornev said.

According to the $1.5 billion contract signed in September 2005, Russia would deliver 34 IL-76 military cargo planes and four IL-78 Midas refueling tankers in 2006 (here). The time-frame for this delivery was pushed by Rosoboronexport citing production and cost related issues. The Chinese government suspended the contract after Rosoboronexport attached an additional $400 million USD to the contract. (here)
It’s coincidental that Rosoboronexport is reopening negotiations after the recently announced Chinese 200 ton heavy military transport prototype (here).

TAPOiCh Creating Problems with Contract to Deliver Il-76 and Il-78 Airplanes to China

Source: 23.11.09, Avia.RU

Problems with realization of the contract for the delivery of Il-76 military transport airplanes and Il-78 tankers to China have been caused by the Tashkent Chkalov Aviation Production Association's (TAPOiCh, Uzbekistan), to fulfill its obligations, ARMS-TASS reports.

In particular, as regards Russia, the contract is being implemented and will be implemented; however, the Russian side is not bearing and will not bear responsibility for the factual failure of the fulfillment of this project by its third participant, the Uzbek side in the person of TAPOiCh, an informed source in the Russian defense industrial complex reports.

An announcement has been made in connection with the forthcoming 14th meeting of the Russo-Chinese mixed inter-governmental commission for military and technical cooperation in Moscow on 25 November.

Russia's obligations for this contract concern only the manufacture and the deliveries to China of engines and the auxiliary power plants for the Il-76 and Il-78 airplanes, and these obligations are being fulfilled. The Tashkent aircraft plant, who is actually has abrogated the contract, is supposed to produce the airframes themselves for these airplanes, in accordance with the contractual obligations they took on.

"Apparently, some kind of supplement to the contract will be signed as a way out of this situation in which new schedules for its fulfillment will be defined," a source in the Russian defense industrial complex said.

Possibly, the transfer of the order for production of the Il-76 and Il-78 airframes from the Tashkent aircraft plant to the Ul'yanovsk plant when the latter gets up to speed will be one of the variants.

According to the Russian Federation defense ministry, the contract, signed in Sochi in 2005 during the 12th meeting of the Russo-Chinese mixed military and technical cooperation intergovernmental commission, provides for the delivery of 38 medium Il-76 military transport airplanes and 4 long-range Il-78 tankers to China. The total cost of the deal is nearly one billion dollars.

Source: 23.11.09, Avia.RU

Senior Chinese military official meets Russian defense chief on cooperation 2009-11-25 18:49:09

MOSCOW, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- Vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission Guo Boxiong reached broad consensus with Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov here Wednesday on furthering cooperation between Chinese and Russian armed forces.

Guo said this year marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Russia diplomatic ties and the China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation had kept its momentum of dynamic development.

Leaders of the two countries met several times this year and reached broad consensus on efforts to deepen such a partnership, said Guo.

Thanks to intensive attention from both leaders, the relationship between Chinese and Russian armed forces -- as one major part of their bilateral relations -- had been continuously enriched and enhanced in recent years, he said.

Guo said both armies have maintained frequent high-level exchanges, with their cooperation in various fields being pragmatic and thorough.

The Peace Mission-2009 joint anti-terror military exercises in July had once more demonstrated to the world the close collaboration between China and Russia on anti-terrorism, as well as their determination to face up to new threats and challenges together, he said.

Against the backdrop of complicated international situations, Guo noted, the reinforcement of interactions and cooperation between their armed forces was not only in keeping with the fundamental interests of China and Russia and their two peoples, but also conducive to safeguarding peace and stability of the region and the world.

Serdyukov agreed with Guo, saying the two countries and the two armies had kept close interactions and timely communication with each other on major global and regional issues.

Each had also supported the other on major issues concerning core interests, which reflected the advanced development of their strategic partnership of cooperation, he noted.

Russia was ready to join hands with China in pushing forward their friendly and cooperative links in all fields, he said.

Guo is leading a Chinese government delegation on a five-day visit to Russia, which started Monday.

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