Thursday, August 01, 2013

IDENTIFIED UNDER CONSTRUCTION: China's Second Aircraft Carrier

Pictures surfaced today of a module at Shanghai's Changxing Island Shipyard appear to be proof of a second Chinese carrier under construction.  Besides the telltale profile of the inner hull of a KUZNETSOV-class carrier,  the module features a well-defined hangar and elevator cutout.

Additionally a possible catapult trench has been identified, lending credence to postulation that this first all-Chinese carrier will be a refinement of the LIAONING/EX-VARYAG Soviet design, most likely designated 001A-class.

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RAJ47 said...

Unable to reach the forum page.
Is it me or something wrong with site?

Meng-yuan said...

Some reports have claimed that this module is half the size of real thing. If true, the yard simply produced it to prove its capability.

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God to know that china is developing one of the most advanced aircraft carriers this will be good addition to their warfare power.

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