Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Are we looking at a new variant of the Yuan class (Type 041) diesel-electric submarine?

A series of photos surfaced recently of a new diesel-electric submarine under construction at the Wuhan shipyard and quickly caused a stir amongst Chinese military forums.  After some heated discussions, some now convinced that it is a new Yuan class variant due to the different sail structure already visible.   

Here is a standard Yuan class for comparison


Meng-yuan said...

I think we are looking at an improved Yuan, probably called Type 039C internally. Type 41 should really be 039B. Some Chinese forums have frozen discussions on these photos, a sign of being censored.

Also, reliable sources from Dalian announce that construction has started on a sequel to the aircraft carrier Liaoning, called Type 001A. It has the same frame as Liaoning; the major difference is in the much enlarged hangar bay.

SPI said...

Looks like a second Qing Class

SPI said...

Looks like second Qing Class.

Meng-yuan said...

Qing class is a missile test boat. There is absolutely no need for a second one.