Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Photo Op of the year: PLAN's 1st Carrier Battle Group (CVBG)

CV Liaoning and her "entourage" return to Qingdao after a 37-day training exercise at sea.   Note the company of three Shang class nuclear attack subs among this over-the-top photo op.


Pastor.Bob.Celeste said...

Nice hardware they bought with our money.

How dumb are the fools we send to Washington? , We borrow money from China that they got by selling stuff to us, putting millions of US Citizens on welfare, then they take that money and loan it to us so that we can pay for the welfare caused by lost jobs to China, then they take the interest, we pay on the money we borrowed to buy military hardware second to none.

Unknown said...

USA pays PRC over 100 million dollars a month in interest money for the loan. Money the PLA could run their ops on that.