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China builds advanced warship for Bangladesh

China builds advanced warship for Bangladesh

(Source: CNTV)   2014-12-01

  China has launched its most advanced warship for export. Built by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, the frigate, named Independent, is made for the Bangladeshi navy and is due to be delivered next year.

  This will become the Bangladeshi navy's most advanced warship, and be a real boost to its coastal defence capability.

  25 knots sailing speed, anti-radar design, highly adaptable to weather and oceanic conditions, and decked out with powerful weapons.

  The frigate "Independent" is made to be an all-rounder.

  "We believe this ship has very good cost performance. It can serve to protect the sovereignty and interests of a country out at sea. It can patrol, escort, protect fishing boats and conduct law enforcement," said Yang Zhigang, president of China Shipbuilding Industry Co..

  The "Independent" is one of two vessels ordered from China by Bangladesh.

  Researchers at the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation have redesigned the ship's structure to suit the complex conditions of the Indian ocean.

  "We made a new ship form. It's cross-section looks like a deep Vee. Compared to the traditional round bilge hull form, it improves the performance of the ship when there are waves, guaranteeing high sailing speed in unfavorable oceanic condition," said Sun Lianfei, chief designer of China Shipbuilding Industry Co..

  Designers also gave a boost its mobility and survivability.

  "It has two engines and two propellers. They can work independently. This design makes it more reliable and durable. Its powerhouses are separately located, improving its survivability," Sun said.

  The newly launched frigate will stay in the port for months while electronic equipment and weaponry systems are installed.

  And after 6 months, the "Independent" will leave her mother port, and take up her post as a mighty guard on the Indian Ocean.

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