Sunday, January 03, 2016

PLAN Commission of the day: 960 Dongping Hu

960 Dongping Hu was commissioned on 12/28/2015.   In a rather short period of 6 months, the PLAN's blue water operations are supplemented by three new replenishment ships (960, 961 and 962). 

While the Type 903A replenishment ship class is not as newsworthy as the 001A LIAONING II Class CV but they are needed if the PLAN were to put an operational carrier strike group out at sea.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

South Sea Fleet commissions three support ships in a single day.

BEIJING, Dec. 28 (ChinaMil) -- The South China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy has embraced three new vessels. A ceremony marking the beginning of military service of the three vessels, the supply ship Luguhu, the electronic reconnaissance ship Neptune and the pelagic survey vessel Qian Xuesen was held at a naval port in the South China Sea on Saturday.

These three vessels are all independently designed and built by China.

The biggest differences between the Type 904B supply ship Luguhu (Hull No. 962) and its predecessor Type 904A supply ship Fuxianhu are that, instead of the portal frame type platform, which is specific to the comprehensive supply ship, on the supply ship Luguhu, there are two davits mounted on each side in the middle section of the ship and a hangar which enhances the vertical replenishment capacity.

The ship is designed to provide material supply for the troops stationed in the Nansha islands, and undertake such tasks as providing supply for a ship formation and maritime medical aid at a certain degree.

The Type 815G electronic reconnaissance ship Neptune (Hull No. 852) is able to conduct continuous all-weather reconnaissance of various targets within a certain range.

The Qian Xuesen (Hull No. 873) is the third ship of the Type 636A pelagic survey vessel family. It mainly conducts survey of oceans and reefs, marine meteorology observation and layout of hydrometeorological buoys to provide basic data to guarantee navigation safety and carry out marine scientific research.

The sound attenuation is the most remarkable performance of the survey vessel, which is even more excellent than that of the Russian Kilo-class submarines known as the “ocean black hole” in the world.

Supply ship Luguhu
  Electronic reconnaissance ship Neptune.
  Type 636A pelagic survey vessel Qian Xuesen

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PLAN Commission of the day: 961 Junshanhu, a new 904B Replenishment tanker

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Photos of the day: PLAN's three new fleet replenishment ships got their pennant numbers

They are 960, 961 and 962


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you omitted the big news 2 days ago - the founding of the Rocket Force, Strategic Support Force, and an actual Army HQ.

Coatepeque said...

Because they are already covered elsewhere.