Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Type 052D destroyer, DDG 174 Hefei, a look inside.

The PLAN, and to a greater extent the PLA in general, is cheap (I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again) therefore the Spartan-look of their most advanced DDG is not unexpected.  That said, the crew comfort level is still a far cry from those good ole Luda days.

 H/PJ-38 130mm dual purpose gun, the most powerful artillery currently in service with the PLAN

The Cold-Launch VLS system and the H/PJ-12 CIWS
Note the Active Phased Array radar mounted on the superstructure

1x3 torpedo tubes on either side off the hull
 One of the four 18-tube decoy rocket launchers


Unknown said...

No match for a US destroyer. Would not last 5 mins.

onlytoohuman said...

Says the round eyes with an oversized ego !

Ebulating said...

Round eyes? really?

Ron said...

A very good looking ship.