Friday, March 31, 2017

40th Group Army, decommissioned.

It has been confirmed that the HQ of the 40th Group Army (GA) is now history. Its organic units with high readiness rate and newer TOE will likely be merged with neighboring GAs.  Such as the 118th Combined Arms 8x8 Light Mechanized Infantry Brigade will likely to be part of the 39th GA moving forward.. Others units such as 119th and 191st Motorized Infantry Brigades with their older TOE will will probably be disbanded all together.

According to South China Morning Post,  the 14th, 16th, 20th, 47th, and 27th HQs will be decommissioned next.

Thanks Andrew KC and  Forbin for the confirmation.

Graphic credit goes to South China Morning Post


jobjed said...

I really hope the 14th GA's units will be maintained, either merged with 41st GA or transition to independent units like Tibet MD. Their proficiency with jungle warfare is unparalleled in the PLA and we'll need them to respond if Vietnam decides to try something on the border or against her other SEA neighbours.

eric said...

I think PLA is undergoing a transition from occupational to invasive, and it's pretty confident that we won't see any serious warfare on the land. Instead, it focuses on coastal areas, grows its navy and air force and even transfers army units to the marines.