Sunday, October 08, 2017

North Korea scenario, major PLA unit of the day: 68th Combined-Arms Brigade, 78th Group Army (ex 68th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 16GA, Shenyang MR)

Judging from the recently released photos, The 68th Combined-Arms Brigade has traded in old 37mm towed AAA, PL-66 152mm howitzer and Type59 MBT for PGZ09 35mm SP-AAA,  PPZ05 120-mm gun-mortar and Type99 MBT.

More importantly, they now have a complete set of heavy duty engineering equipment for their maintenance and engineering battalions.  

Photo credit goes to Andrew KC

Armored recovery company of the maintenance battalion

Engineering Battalion 

CW Company,  engineering Battalion 

 PGZ09 35mm SP-AAA

 PPZ05 120-mm gun-mortars

Photos from 2011 at Zhurihe 

                                                             PL-66 152mm howitzer

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