Saturday, December 02, 2017

Screen captures of the day: Next Generation of Dongfeng Light Utility Vehicle Under Eval in Tibet

Tech/spec is not yet available but it seems beefier and of course, armed with a remote weapon station.  There is a 6x6 flatbed light pick-up truck variant also, targeting the ever growing Chinese redneck market I suppose.  

 Beer cup holder is extra -- I can totally imagine they would over charging such an essential item


Here is the in-service model can be ordered at Alibaba for ~100,000 USD per copy

Tech/Spec on the current model at posted at Alibaba

Technical Specification Of  Dongfeng Armored Truck 

ItemArmored VehicleArmored Vehicle
(6 passengers)(10 passengers)
Size SpecificationTotal Length(mm)50505750
Total Width(mm)2350
Total Height(mm)1860
Front Overhang(mm)755
Rear Overhang(mm)995
The Height between the back floor and the Ground(mm)845(Full load)/935(Empty load)
The Height between the draw hook center and the Ground(mm)645(Full load)/725(Empty load)
The distance between the back of Single Cab and the front axle.(mm)2150
Effective using length on the Back(mm)20502750
Weight SpecificationChassis Weight(kg)39004200/4800
Front Axle Weight(kg)22002300/2300
Rear Axle Weight(kg)17001900/2500
The Height between unloading barycentre and the Ground(mm)870
The maximum allowable total weight(kg)57006100
Front axle maximum total mass25002700
Rear axle maximum total mass32003400
maximum laden mass(kg)(including the vehicle back strength weight)21001600/1200
Maxium allowable Height between the top weapon center and the rear floor(mm)720
Mobility parametersSet shipping and handling mooring point and tied reinforcement, thus it can make whole bundle and lifting, and adapt Il-76, eight transport aircraft shipments and 069-type landing craft, N16-type railway flat car transport requirements; also meet the Il-76 airdrop requirements.
Max. Speed(km/h)130
specific power(kw/t)24.5
0~80km/acceleration time(s)23
minimum diameter of turning diameter(m)1517.5
Ramp Angle(°)31.526
minimum ground clearance(m)410
The largest moving side slope(%)≥40
fording depth (m)1.2
Vertical obstacle height(mm)450
The trench width(mm)700
driving range(km)≥600
Body designs that the front can prevent Type 53, 7.62 mm, Wo-109C typearmor-piercing incendiary in distance 100 meters; the back and side can prevent 7.62 mm ordinary steel core bullet in distance 100 meters. Roof plate thickness is 3 mm, steel underbody thickness is 4 mm.
Survivability performanceThe tire has the function of keep moving in deflated situation,if any two tires deflated, the vehicle still can move 30 kilemeters in speed 30-40 meters/hours. And its oil tank is with explosion suppression measure.
The vehicle front is equiped with towing hook,  can equiped with winch by optional, rear part is with traction hook, so it can realize self-help and mutualaid.
It can install hang camouflage nets, occupant safety belt, install air defense lamp.The car is equipped with extinguishing equipment. Optionally with infrared night driving device.
Good pilot view, easy operation;Convenient for passenger sitting and easy getting on and off.

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