Saturday, January 19, 2019

PLA TOE update: 190th Combined-Arms Brigade (合成190旅), 79th Group Army, Northern Theater Command

This former 190th Heavy Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 39GA, Shenyang MR is now injected with ZBD04A tracked IFV and ZBL08 wheel IFV replacing the old ZBD86A (BMP-1) and ZSD89 APC.  Clearly the new fleet of IFV should provide better support to their Type96A MBT.


Picture from Jan 2018 when the Type86A was in service with the 3rd battalion (325)


Jack said...

Why do they deploy 8x8 vehicles to a tracked Tank brigade?
That only make the maintenance harder.

Coatepeque said...

Agree. I think one will take on the role of IFV the other will be more of an APC