Monday, June 13, 2005

BBQ stands for Bar-Be-Que

If you are confused about Chinese small arms designation, then, join the club. Here is an attempt by chenium

His speculation:

QBZ 95 5.8 mm asault rifle
Q qiang (gun) B buqiang (rifle) Z zidong (automatic)

QJB 95 5.8 mm squad machinegun
Q qiang (gun) J jiqiang (machinegun) B banyong (squad)

QBU 88 5.8 mm sniper rifle
Q qiang (gun) B buqiang (rifle) U (sniper)

QJY 88 5.8 mm GPMG
Q qiang (gun) J jiqiang (machinegun) Y tongyong (general purpose)

QJZ 89 12.7 mm HMG
Q qiang (gun) J jiqiang (machinegun) Z zhong (heavy)

QSZ 92 9mm/5.8mm pistol
Q qiang (gun) S shouqiang (hand gun) Z zidong (autoload)

Photo of the new Chinese 9mm submachine gun

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ying said...

I've always thought that QBZ stands for Qing-Buqiang-Zu (Light Rifle Family) and QSZ for Qing-Shouqiang-Zu (Light Hand-gun Family).