Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Chinese "Helmet Mounted Optics"

It's time for a little humors. Yes the picture is real and no that's not an actual standard PLA issue helmet. That's just a stupid stage prop by the Art and Entertainment (A&E) people in the PLA. Just think of them as the art, music, dance and liberal arts majors instead of hanging out in the liberal study departments in typical US universities, in China, they join the PLA A&E troops. They're no real soldiers for sure! The A&E troops is more like crossing between the USO show performers and propaganda cheerleaders. Nothing can beats some moral boosting show with a little political brainwashing! --- Timothy Yan

Typical A&E gals like her in the picture probably doesn't know which end the bullet comes out from a rifle.

For more silly Chinese military images go check out the Stupid PLA PR Thread in our China Forum.

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