Monday, September 01, 2008

Confirm, PHL03 300MM MRL is in active service.

I posted the following back in March 08, 2008:

Here is the latest orbat for PLA's last two reminding
Artillery Divisions.

While all other arty divisions have been downsized as
artillery brigades, those two Taiwan facing divisions
gained a new life to host some of PLA's latest long range rockets.

1st Arty Div, 42nd Group Army, Guangzhou Military
Region, new unit number 75230

- 25th regiment 75231
- 26th regiment 75232
- 27th regiment 75233
- 52th regiment 75234
- 209th Heavy Rocket Regiment 75235

9th Arty Div, 1st Group Army, Nanjing Military
Region, new unit number 73031

- 2rd regiment 73032
- 3nd regiment 73033
- 14th regiment 73034
- 16th regiment 73035
- 201th Heavy Rocket Regiment 73036

In today's PLAdaily, it reports:

From August 27th to August 30th, Long Rang Rockets Units Nanjing and Guangzhou MRs
were send to a Northwestern desert for a live fire drill.

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