Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Sharpening-2008" exercise stretched to cover tactics 2008-09-18

  During the on-going force-on-force exercise coded "Sharpening-2008", the multi-service and multi-arm joint trainings were stretched from the strategic level to the tactical level. In the past, multi-service and multi-arm joint trainings were all confined to the strategic level, it was very rare for joint trainings at brigade and regiment levels to cover tactical contents.

  Deputy director of the on-going exercise Xu Min is of the view that the multi-service and multi-arm joint training implies the transition from the research-centric stage to the normal test-oriented stage.

  Besides, the multi-service and multi-arm joint training is becoming more and more demanding for the commanders in terms of all-round quality. In previous ground battles, the command elements included only intelligence reconnaissance, command and control, and fire strike. Today, the commanders should know how to command airborne troops, Air Force aviations and Army aviations in joint operations. More command elements require commanders better to have command capabilities accordingly.

  It is learnt that after receiving the task of conducting this trans-regional force-on-force maneuver exercise, a mechanized infantry brigade of the Jinan Military Area Command added the contents of joint training to all levels from individual soldiers to the commanders of detachments and the leading bodies of the brigade, but with special emphasis on different subjects. For example, individual soldiers would focus on "target identification and guidance", "air-landing essentials" and "the operation of digitalized equipment for individual soldiers", the commanders of detachments would focus on the operation of communication equipment such as satellite navigation and positioning equipment and the command information system, while the leading bodies of the brigade would stress on the disposition of various services and arms in the operation, the basic theories in join operation and the use of sea chart and aviation map.

  By Fei Shiting and Yang Xihe

  (Sept 18, PLA Daily) Editor: Chen Jie


Anonymous said...

Very pretty pictures and words which do not tell you anything at all. If those 57mm AAA pieces fire at aircraft using that lack of dispersion one bomb will take the whole lot out. Good for impressing th masses though.

Coatepeque said...

yeah, PLA's PR department is working OT again.