Monday, September 17, 2012

Photos of the day, WS-10 Taihang turbofan.

While the J-21/31 prototype 31001 might be powered by a pair of Russian Klimov RD-93 engines, the China Airforce's J-11B fleet is continue to place emphasis on the homegrown WS-10 Taihang turbofan program. In this recently released PLA Daily PR photos of the 32nd Fighter Division, those four J-11B heavy fighter are clearly sporting a pair of WS-10 Taihang together with PL8 SRAAM and PL-12 MRAAMs.

The holographic HUD is clearly viable in one of the photos below.


Christian Brotherhood said...

Should be "engines" not "engineers."

Thorgal said...

Why this post getting so much view ? lol