Sunday, March 15, 2015

Could PLA fight and win a modern war?

Without seeing them fighting a real one (and I hope that day never comes), the debate will remain an academic exercise, albeit a good one worthy of having, kudos to the folks at RAND.     One thing that is for certain,  when it comes to rapid deployment of military assets --within China -- this is an area the PLA is very good at.  They demonstrate that capacity time and time again, the latest rapid boots-on-the-ground to the Burma boarder is another case-in-point.

Perhaps quantity does has a quality all its own:  Deterrence gain by deploying overwhelming force to prevent a war from starting is preferred over actual fighting and winning battle.

J-11 / Su-27 spotted 


Peter Hofmann said...

About the connection of quantity and quality look at Hegel, Marx and Mao (you can find it under dialectics)

Coatepeque said...

I am a huge student of Hegel, for the record.

KERS-2012 said...

Is it J-7s is the first pic?

Unknown said...

yes, j-7 in the first pic. PLAAF has taken over the airport at the borser town and deployed J7 there.

Anonymous said...

The answer is a resounding "no," not against the United States.

Against Japan? Hard to say. Japan has extensive experience as a sea power operating far from home waters, whereas China has only recently moved beyond the littoral. China needs much more time to develop capabilities in this area.

But the main impediments to PLA military success against a major power, are:

A. Their platforms are altogether untested in the field under actual combat conditions.

B. They have no combat experience anywhere, at any level, against anyone.