Monday, May 09, 2011

Photos of the day: Medic of the 1984 Sino-Vietnam battle of LangSon

Some would label the battle that occurred 27 years ago as the Second Sino-Vietnam war with huge regional geo-political implications -- resulting a de facto military alliance between China and Thailand. (here)

The “special relationship” between Thailand and the PRC predates the Thaksin era. Its origins lie in the mid-1970s when, after over two decades of mutual hostility, the two countries established formal diplomatic relations in July 1975. In 1979, the relationship was transformed when the two countries forged a de facto alliance in opposition to Vietnam’s occupation of Cambodia
and (here)
China and Thailand essentially formed a de facto alliance that ultimately extended to the armed forces of the two countries. China and Thailand signed a "Strategic Partnership" arrangement, which has included a regular exchange of military personnel and exercises. Since the early 1980s, Thailand has purchased armaments and military-related equipment under this partnership at "friendship prices" – much of which has effectively amounted to military gift aid. China and Thailand have announced a whole raft of measures and initiatives to mark the thirtieth anniversary of formalized relations in the year 2005

Anyways, it is all water under the bridge now.


Willem-Jan said...

Is the picture with the medic and the head-wounded soldier real?

Coatepeque said...

some of the photo might be staged.

monica said...

All of those photos are staged. Some staged by both the photographer and the subject in the frame, some staged by photographer alone. Back then, film are expensive for Chinese, and there is no point and shoot camera. People with camera learn great deal about framing photo and staged a good shoot.

Willem-Jan said...

If it were a real battlefield snapshot, it would be prize-winning material!