Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo of the day: Sharp Knife 2011

China and Indonesia launched a united training for their Special Forces from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Indonesia’s National Armed Forces (TNI) on Monday.

The united training, with a code name of “Sharp Knife 2011″, is the first one between PLA and TNI in the history. The event is expected to further consolidate the friendship between China and Indonesia, as well as PLA and TNI. It is also aimed at improving bilateral mutual understanding and trusts and promoting pragmatic exchange and cooperation between the two armies.

The 69 commanders and soldiers from PLA would join all the three phases in the united training, which are respectively the exchange and exhibition, the composite formation training, and the comprehensive exercise. They would join hands with counterparts from the Indonesian TNI special force in the training and exercise with an assumed background as terrorist organization bringing panic by seizing hostages.

The main section of the training is the united field exercises on counter-terrorist missions such as rescuing hostages. The training is scheduled to be concluded on June 17.

Zhao Zongqi, Chief of staff of the Ji’nan Military Command, and Lodewijk F. Paulus, Indonesian TNI special force commander, attended the opening ceremony for the united training. They delivered speeches on behalf of PLA and TNI respectively and visited the exhibition of gears and weapons of each other.

Source: Xinhua

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