Saturday, June 30, 2012

FFG 540 Huainan

The JIANGWEI I class (Type 053H2G) frigate 540 Huainan is completing a major refit at Shenjia Navy Yard (No. 4805) in Shanghai, the East Sea Fleet’s main repair yard. The 100 mm twin turret has been replaced by a “stealthy” new Type 99 twin turret. The missile canisters for the obsolete HHQ-61A air defence missiles have been removed, but will probably be reinstalled, as the launcher itself remains in place.

The sister ship 542 Tongling underwent a similar modernisation a couple of years ago and also retained the HHQ-61A SAM’s, as well as six YJ82 SSM’s.

FFG 540 was transferred from 15 Frigate Squadron at Dinghai to 8 Frigate Squadron at Shanghai early 2011 in company with sistership 539 Anqing, after having been replaced in 15 Squadron by JIANGKAI II class (Type 054A) 548 Yiyang and 549 Changzhou. 541 Huaibei and 542 remain in 15 Squadron, as their replacements, JIANGKAI II 531 and 532 will not arrive until 2013/14.

Bangladesh has reportedly bought two of the JIANGWEI I class frigates, believed to be 541 and 542. It is not known which configuration will want for her ships, but it seems most unlikely that they would want to keep the obsolete HHQ-61A.

-- Franco-russe

Photo taken yesterday

Back in Nov 2011

Original configuration 

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