Wednesday, July 08, 2009

170 Kilometers Southwest of Okinawa

On June 29th, the PLA Daily reported a North Sea Fleet task force conducting a comprehensive military drill under “a complex electromagnetic environment”. (here)

At first I did not pay much attention as the PLAN conducts near shore drills frequently. It turns out that the drill was conducted near the 2nd island chain and 170 Kilometers Southwest of Okinawa. The task force left port on the 19th, “entered” the Pacific Ocean (passed the first island chain) on the 22nd and started the drill on the 25th. Look, they also brought along a tug boat, just in case they needed a tow.

Wow! I am surprised to see no coverage in the West about this minor venture, come to think of it, it is the month of Michael Jackson, so the lack of interest is understandable.

On totally unrelated news… Japan may deploy troops near “disputed” islands in the East China Sea. (here)

Here is a follow from PLAdaily regarding this ex.

The red banner reads "exit the island chain"

“牢记领袖嘱托,忠实履行使命”。6月15日—30日,北海舰队某驱逐舰支队“石家庄”号导弹驱逐舰与兄弟部队舰艇组成联合编队进行远航训练。他们 在复杂海域、复杂电磁环境中结合新大纲对复杂条件下导弹、火炮攻击,支援受损舰、海上拖带等多科目进行实战化训练,有效检验和提高了部队战斗力。 中国军事图片中心 王洪建 特约通讯员 于文献 摄 (责任编辑:孙礼)

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