Sunday, July 01, 2012

Chinese Radars in Syria

Several days ago, the Free Syrian army sized control of an air defense base (here) equipped with what appears to be an export variant of the Chinese JY-11B radar that has been available in the international arms market for sometime now. However, upon closer inspection, our friend Sean O’Connor stated that it is either a Type 120 or an LSS-1, not JY-11B.  After reading his detailed analysis on Chinese Radars in Syria posted at his blog (here), we are convinced.  

Sean works as an IHS Janes contributor in the field of air defense and strategic warfare and considered to be one of the most respected air defense experts on the net.  It is good to have him around.

This photo of the overran al-Ghanto base that started the CDF conversation on Chinese radars in Syria. 
 JY-11B, our first impression.
Type 120


Cocidius said...

Sean has once again called it right! Obviously there has been a much greater export of Chinese military hardware then previously thought to Syria.

The Turkish F-4 which was recently shot down most likely was tracked by one or more of these radar systems before it's sad demise.

Which leads me to the next question. What other weapons/hardware has the Syrian regime acquired from China?

Coatepeque said...

That we don't know, as you know Russia is the main source of weapon to the Syrian military.