Monday, January 16, 2017

Photos of the day: PLAAF "Red Sword 2016" advanced aerial combat training exercise, A.K.A the Chinese "Exercise Red Flag"

It is attended by the "who's who" of the PLAAF every year, the winning "fighter jocks" can keep their "Golden Flight Helmet" for another year.

The "Red Sword-2016", involving various arms of services from the Air Force, such as aviation, ground-to-air missile, radar, electronic countermeasure troops, aimed to beef up the troops' systematic combat capabilities. It is also one of the four key training brands of the PLA Air Force, along with the "Golden Dart", "Golden Helmet" and "Blue Shield". ( Yang Jun)

Note the SIGINT pods on J-8II and J-10B

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

China Air Force's Golden Flight Helmet

Only 10 are awarded each year to Air Force’s top guns who can down bogies in mock dog fights. After all those years the PLAAF has finally learned the right way to build spirit de corps with honors and realistic trainings. So, please no more empty slogans from now on  – they don’t work and they are super cheesy.

Is me or the color scheme seems  "more red than expert"? 


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