Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Type 053H3 FFG gets an upgrade.

Judging by the recently completed Mid-Life extensions of PLAN's 053H3 FFG, its older air defense assets are now par with currently standards:  Out are the HQ-7 SAM and the 4x Type 76 dual 37mm AAA,  new are the HQ-10 (Chinese SeaRAM) and the 2xType730 CIWS. 

The ten 053H3s still in service are considered "second tier" by the PLAN and being deployed as such.  However, since this class has organic hangar support for ASW helo and with a greater range, they are more versatile than the newer Type056.  Expect them to be around for a while. 

 Photo credit goes to Forbin
 Previous layout 

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