Monday, May 24, 2010

China to give Pakistan trainer aircraft, 60 mn yuan

2010-05-24 18:40:00

China has agreed to provide four trainer aircraft to the Pakistan Air Force and 60 million yuan ($9 million) for training the country's armed forces.

An agreement to this effect was signed Monday by Pakistani Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar and his Chinese counterpart Gen. Liang Guangile, Online news agency reported.

Earlier, a 17-member defence delegation led by Liang called on Mukhtar and exchanged views on bilateral defence cooperation, the strategic situation in the region and Pakistan's anti-terror efforts.

Both sides agreed to further increase military cooperation and strategic communication at all levels to overcome the challenges being confronted by the two countries.

It was also decided to hold joint exercises to promote and increase interaction and ensure closer collaboration between the armed forces of the two countries, by the three forces of the two countries.

Liang assured his counterpart that China would continue to provide military and economic assistance to Pakistan so as to make it a stronger and prosperous country. He assured that his country would continue to support Pakistan's stance on different issues at every international forum.

Appreciating the unflinching support provided by China to Pakistan, Mukhtar said Pakistan was highly indebted to China for supporting Pakistan in difficult times and specially its role in developing and strengthening the defence sector.


Steven said...

Does anybody know what these are aircraft are yet? 4 is a rather small number for an air force as large as Pakistan so its probably not a batch of advanced trainers, and Pakistan is building their own K-8s so its probably not an intermediate trainer... so I guess that leaves umm.... CJ-6s? Y-7Hs?

Coatepeque said...

Most likely to be K-8s. Some of the initial K-8P might already reached its mid-life point as they entered service in the 1990s