Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reflections on the recent Thai crackdown.

Images of the Norinco Type85 taking charge in the Thai army’s recent crack down on the “Red Shirt” protesters seem to echo the events of Tiananmen 22 years ago. And notice that some of the Thai troops sport imported Chinese combat helmets. However, arm chair political scientists must be careful when drawing parallels to Tiananmen. If there is one parallel, it is that both tragedies are being rewritten by all parties involved from the “experts” in Asia studies, to the students that took part, to the escaped “leaders” that continue to mike the event, to the outside “freedom fighters” and Internet warriors, and to the hardliner politicians from China and abroad. Of course the continuing Chinese government censorship regarding this topic won’t help in offering clarity on the debate.

I still remember the cause that led to June 4, 1989. And after 20 years, countless articles, memos, analyses, and interpretation of the event has surprisingly remained unchanged.

There are those in China who are tempted to use the failure of the international community to condemn Thai's crack down as an example of a double standard. However, the Chinese government continues to fail in facing up to its role in the 1989 clash. They have no legs to stand on. And I hope folks realize that.


Unknown said...

In regards to the Tiannmen commnent, have you seen these clips? It explains the events that led to the crackdown on the Tiannmen protestors. IMO it was very similar to what happened in Thailand (ie a protest that got out of hand), yet why hasn't the world condemned the Thai government for their use of force as they did the Chinese government back in 1989? Seems like double standards to me.

anno said...

well, if we in the mood to post youtube videos on Tian'anmen, here is another good one.