Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Luhu pair is back!

After undergo a prolonged period of modernization, both DDG 112 (Harbin) and DDG 113 (QingDao) are ready to rejoin the fleet.

Not sure any changes to the power plant, combat information center (CIC) or the Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) suite but there is a few new features that is notable:

The removal of 4x Type 76A twin 37mm CIWS with a pair of Type 730.

A new 100 gun turret.

The huge "God's Eye" L-band 3D air search radar which gave the Luhi class its unique look on top of the aft helicopter hanger has been removed.

The number of ASM seems to have doubled from 8 to 16.

The new look as featured in the latest issue of "Naval & Merchant ships"
The good ole days

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