Monday, October 11, 2010

Chinese Armbrust?

The development for this new DZJ-08 80mm Single-Shot Light Recoilless Weapon started in May2000. It has entered service since 2008 with a credited armor penetration of 300mm.

The influence of the weapon is drawn from the recent Russian and Yugoslavian experiences, it is purposely built for MOUT with operations optimized for a "single-troop".


Steven said...

An interesting development indeed. The PF89 is only capable of penetrating 180mm of angled armour so this is a significant improvement and any move towards phasing out the FHJ84 and Type 69 can't come soon enough IMO. Does the article say if this weapon is a squad or company based weapon?

Coatepeque said...

" individuality based " purpose-built for MOUT.

Joseph said...

In one of the article page it says hole made by the weapon in the wall allows one person to go through. This may be useful for blasting passages through building in urban fighting.

Any chance of this being exported to terrorism fighting countries?