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Mission Action 2010

Last year's "Kuayue 2009" (Stride 2009) cross-region military exercise received considerable media attention and analysis. Now the PLA is calling for a repeat performance with "Mission Action 2010"

China to conduct 30,000-troop military drill 2010-10-09 21:54:07

BEIJING, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) will begin a military exercise on Sunday to test and improve the force's combat capability in high-tech warfare, sources from China's Central Military Commission said Saturday.

The exercise will involve 30,000 soldiers from three divisions across three of China's seven military area commands and include military transport planes, fighter jets and attack helicopters, sources said.

The drill, which will include infantry forces, paratroopers and air forces, will center around battle scenarios in a "complex information environment" as well as across different terrains and weather conditions, according to sources.

The exercise will also include long-distance mobilization of ground and air forces, and test their coordination in defense and striking military targets.

During the drill, the PLA will mobilize civilian passenger aircraft and cargo planes to transport soldiers and military equipment, sources said, adding the date to complete the drill has not yet been announced.

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Here is a surprisingly detailed write-up about the Kuayue 2009 from the PLAdaily.

Attractive sidelights of “Stride 2009” series exercise 2009-08-12

   The first large-scale “Stride 2009” series trans-command actual-troop test-oriented exercise ever since the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) kicked off on August 11.

  According to the preplan, from August to September, four army divisions respectively under the Shenyang Military Area Command (MAC), the Lanzhou MAC, the Jinan MAC and the Guangzhou MAC will move to the combined tactics training base out of their own theaters under the uniform deployment of the General Staff Headquarters (GSH) of the PLA to confront with the “enemy” in unfamiliar areas.

  The whole process of the exercise will be fairly and authentically recorded and judged through a set of “ground force exercise evaluation system”.

  Maneuver ways will stand test and the capability of remote strategic projection will be the big attraction

   According to the plan, more than 80% of the participating troops and large weapons, equipment and vehicles will be transported to the destination by two maneuver ways, namely, motorized march and railway transportation.

  The biggest difference between this exercise and the previous ones is that during the maneuver, besides taking transport aircraft of the PLA Air Force, the GSH of the PLA will coordinate to mobilize and requisition a number of civil airliners and cargo aircraft from relevant airline companies. This is the first time to do so in the exercise history of the PLA. In the aspect of railway transportation, all troops will be carried by passenger carriages and heavy weapons will be transported by flat bed trailers. The high-speed and nonstop “Hexie” MUs will also be used to transport light gear troops.

  The combination reflecting combat strength and the diversity of combat means

   In addition to a small number of rear personnel, the average number of each of the four infantry division participating in the military exercise is about 10,000 persons, which means that each division has mobilized more than 80% of its total force strength, and the maximum exercise participation rate is as high as 97%.

  At the same time, the exercise participation rate of artillery, engineering machinery and other large weapons and equipment is no less than 90%, and the participation rate of armored vehicles also reaches more than 50%.

  To reflect the combination of the combat strength and the diversity of combat means, the special operation units, army aviation troops, electronic warfare companies, photographic reconnaissance platoons, unmanned plane groups, and short-wave interference stations will be distributed to the exercise troops with new-type equipment to augment the overall combat strength.

  The Beidou satellite navigation and positioning system will be entrusted again with important task

   The Beidou satellite navigation and positioning system, which ever played important role in the rescue and relief operation of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, will be entrusted with an important task during this exercise. The communication security in military operations involves the life and death of the armed forces. The Beidou satellite navigation and positioning system, which China possesses the complete intellectual property right, has to some extent solved the problem of leaking out or divulging military secrets in communication.

  A batch of independently developed new types of weapons and equipment will be used in the exercise fields to test the efficacy. For example, whether the strong sound broadcasting vehicle used by the psychological warfare unit can play the role of “destroying the arrogance of the enemy and enhancing the spirit of the fighting troops” in the exercise remains to be seen.

  The “Red Army” and the “Blue Army” will conduct simulated confrontation and the effect of the confrontation will be highlighted

  During the “Stride 2009” series exercise, after the participating troops enter the training base, the “Red Army” and the “Blue Army” will use laser to simulate fighting equipment to stage a confrontation.

  In recent years, the PLA has increased the momentum of research and development on simulated fighting weapons, and regarded them as the important exercise equipment for the base confrontation exercise. According to relevant sources, in the next few years, the equipping scope and variety of simulated fighting weapons will be enlarged, in a bid to enhance the difficulty of the confrontation exercise. The “ground force exercise evaluation system” independently developed by the PLA can enable the directing group of the exercise to make timely, objective and accurate evaluation on the disposal means, damage effects and other exercise effects. It also makes the simulated confrontation with more practical significance.

  Comprehensively assessing POL supply, medical support, war indemnity and frontline support

  Almost all war-related issues are the assessment items of the “Stride 2009” series exercise.

   All the ways and means that each troop unit will use to solve such issues as refuel of automobiles, supply of 10,000-odd people’s consumption of goods and materials, gathering of personnel and vehicles left behind, treatment of the sick and wounded, compensation of damaged crops of the farmers, will be put on record and the record will be used as a basis for final comment.

  During the maneuver process, the participating troops will rely on the military-civilian gas stations to set up POL and goods supply depots. The military hospital near the exercise area will be responsible for the medical support for the officers and men participating in the exercise temporarily. At the same time, the hospital subordinated to each division will provide accompanied medical support. The individual first-aid items and battlefield first aid kit and others will also be distributed to the soldiers and troops ahead of time.

(BEIJING, Aug 11, PLA Daily)    Editor: Dong Zhaohui

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