Friday, October 01, 2010

PLAN's Life Style 88

“Assertive” has officially overtaken the word “harmony” as the most abused word in the China punditry circles. However, in light recent incidents, the PLAN has been less assertive in establishing an overseas naval base (Japan, on the other hand, has one in Djibouti).

To address crew fatigue from the long term Gulf of Aden deployment (and around Okinawa), the PLAN has launched the “Life Style 88” crew support ship. In addition to medical facilities, this luxury ocean liner will likely include the latest in Swiss Spa treatments for tired sailors. As is known, one cannot be successful in naval combat with dry facial skin!

China's Hospital Ship Arrives in Gulf of Aden
2010-09-15 21:18:45 Xinhua Web Editor: Zhang

The Chinese navy hospital ship Peace Ark reached the Gulf of Aden Wednesday and will provide medical services for Chinese sailors there.

In two days, the ship will join the sixth Chinese naval escort flotilla, which shelters Chinese merchant ships in the pirate-infested gulf.

The ship will send medics to the flotilla to provide medical services, and receive sailors for treatment onboard.

The medics can carry out medical examination, disease treatment, psychological comfort, medicine supplies, and other services.

The ship set sail from Zhejiang province in east China on Aug. 31 and reached the gulf after a 5,300-sea mile (9,816-km) voyage.

The ship will also travel to Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, the Seychelles and Bangladesh, and provide medical treatment for locals.

Life Style 88, Kill Bill Style

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