Friday, February 09, 2018

Snow Leopard Commando (Detechment), SpOps Daidu (Battlation) 1st Zhidui (Regiment), 2nd Mobile Zongdui (Division), Beijing, People's Armed Police

While the People's Armed Police is now officially under the military CMC command, it seems to have maintained its "civilian police" organizational and command structures with Zongdui (division) HQ at provincial level and Zhidui (regiment) HQ at prefectural level.  The Commando (platoon) units are, of course, your everyday traffic cops -- doing nothing but give out speeding citations to fulfill their daily quota.

This Snow Leopard Commando unit participated in the 2009 and the 2015 military parades. I suppose an inspiration to a certain president in North American .... I kid, I kid.

Anyways, here are some PR photos from their recent Blue vs Red drill against a regular PAP unit.  You can tell which is which by looking at their uniform.

Traffic cops 
 Regular cops

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