Tuesday, March 02, 2010

17 Chinese WIGs exported to UAE

Unless those WIGs are armed, there is no way the deal is worth over a billion dollars.

Chinese made seaplanes to be exported to UAE
11:24, March 02, 2010

Jiangsu Hengchuan Group in China signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 17 seaplanes worth billions of U.S. dollars, according to Department of Commerce of Jiangsu province.

The seaplanes will be delivered in May 2011 and they will be completely produced by Chinese enterprises. China also owns the independent intellectual property rights.

As a new kind of high-speed transportation that is a cross between a plane and a boat, seaplanes can take off and land on highways, as well as on the sea surface.

It can fly 0.5 meters above the water surface at the lowest altitude, and at 1,000 meters as the highest.

Seaplanes can reach the speed of 180 kilometers per hour, and its anti-resistance capacity is several times higher than that of common planes.

By People's Daily Online

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