Monday, March 01, 2010

Joint training pilot of Jinan Theatre in 2010 starts up

Reading between the lines: The new PLA "basic campaign army corps" concept is still in its experimental phase and have yet adopted by other military regions.

Joint training pilot of Jinan Theatre in 2010 starts up

(Source: PLA Daily) 2010-03-01

  On the morning of February 26, the joint training pilot of services and arms of the Jinan Theatre of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in 2010 started up.

  According to a leading officer of the air force of the PLA Jinan Military Area Command (MAC), the joint training, which is divided into such two layers as theatre and basic campaign army corps, will go through the whole year of 2010. Under the leadership of the Jinan MAC, the training is respectively organized by the air force and a group army of the Jinan MAC. The joint training of this year will focus on exercising relevant missions and subjects, and make efforts to enhance the systematic combat capability based on information system according to the training approaches from unit composition to key element integration and finally to systematic integration.

  It’s learned that the test and argumentation of the first theatre-level joint campaign training in the history of the PLA conducted in the Jinan Theatre in 2009 had preliminarily explored such joint training models as the military-civilian combination, integration of three services and integration of combat and training within the theatre, established a rather reliable leading mechanism which could efficiently operate for joint training of the theatre and all-roundly tested the operational efficiency of the integrated command platform for joint combat and joint training.

  It’s learned that a batch of advanced equipment, including destroyer, reconnaissance satellite, early warning aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft will participate in the joint training of the theatre.

  By Jiang Ning and Yang Jilong

Editor:Chen Jie

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