Saturday, May 08, 2010

Xiaolong Auto's Light Armored Vehicle Family

Xiaolong Auto demos its next generation of "Light Armored Vehicle" family at the
Armored Force Engineering Institution in Beijing.

Xiaolong, a privately funded company located at Wuhan, is losing out to both the Dongfeng Motors and the Shenyang Aircraft Company in fulfilling PLA's "high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle" orders. This demo is part of its recently launched public-relations campaign aiming to convince the PLA to take them more seriously. (here) (here)


duskylim said...

From what I can make out, the vehicles' are derived from commercial truck chassis using coil spring suspension at the front and rear.

The front suspension is independent, while the rear has a solid axle.

Coil spring suspension versus, torsion bar or leaf-spring tends to limit maximum weight, and occupy a larger volume of space.

It does however, make for a smoother ride and better road handling. The large, low-pressure tires will help a lot too.

Front and rear overhang is reduced to a minimum, which will help when fording trenches, streams and clearing obstacles.

The front end of the 6-wheeled vehicle resembles that of the WZ-551 and BTR-80.

The four-wheeler looks more like a humvee.

One can only speculate why the PLA is not interested in them - may be some issues.

Coatepeque said...

Both Dongfeng Motors and the Shenyang Aircraft Company are well established and well connected military ind complex, It will be difficult to go against them head-on.

I am also not sure Xiaolong, a very new company, can deliver large orders.

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