Friday, June 11, 2010

6th JL-15 to the PLAAF

I spoke too soon -- the PLAAF is still interested in the JL-15 project for its "AJT" and "LIFT" training programs, as demonstrated by the acquisition of the 6th production model.

Also noted that JL-15 is powered by the Ukraine's Ivchenko-Progress AI-222K-25F engine.

本报讯 6月10日,国产猎鹰高教机加力型(06架)实现部装交付,在中航工业洪都举行了隆重的部装交付仪式。


  猎鹰高教机06架是为满足L15高教机LIFT状态设计技术鉴定要求而研制的。该型机配装了 AI-222K-25F加力发动机,机头加大加长,座舱改为前舱“一平三下”、后舱“三下”,并对其它系统和结构进行适应性改进。



Steven said...

This is a big moment for Guizhou but there are 3 big hurdles for the L-15 to gain acceptance into the PLAAF.

1. The Engines, the twin AI-222K-25Fs are, obviously not Chinese built which would be preferred, and Ivchenko-Progress had great difficulty in creating an afterburning variant of their AI-222 engines. Also their is currently no project to license produce the engine in China so possibly all L-15s would use foreign engines.

2. Cost, at the end of the day the L-15 is bringing estimates of around $15 million, which is estimated to be $5-6 million dollars more than the JL-9. While you get a more advanced trainer for your money, the next generation of advanced trainers is going to be replacing a LOT of JJ-5/6/7s and the PLAAF top brass has already shown that price is a big factor whenever theJL-9 comes up.

3. Lastly, the JL-9 itself is a hurdle to overtake. It seems the PLAAF is already shown strong interest in the JL-9 and there are rumours of a small batch of JL-9s already destined for the PLAAF and rumours of a JL-9 destined to to be used on carriers being developed. Does the PLAAF really want 2 different advanced trainers which will create increase logistical costs?

Steven said...

....errr I mean Hongdu :p

Coatepeque said...

Does the PLAAF really want 2 different advanced trainers which will create increase logistical costs?

Good question, sorta a repeat of JJ-6 and JJ-7. perhaps JJ-7/JL-9 for its J-7 and J-8 fleets and JL-15 for its J-10 and J-11 fleets?