Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Tacticool Type 92

A new tactical model of the Type 92 handgun

From the look of it, it has the following improvement:

- New Picatinny 1913 accessory rail
- Extended slide with additional front serrations
- Extended metal sub-frame
- Longer 4.8 inch barrel (the standard is 4.33 inch)
- Reshaped slide release and safety/de-cocker
- Completely new polymer frame featuring new texture, reshaped grip and extended front segment to accommodate the new 1913 rail
- Removal of the proprietary accessory rails from the metal sub-frame
- Lost the lanyard loop
- Get ride of the old-school looking star motif on the grip

Other thoughts:

This is obviously an attempt to catch up with other new polymer handgun designs. It still lacks the interchangeable backstrap that are common now. The new front grip texture looks awfully like that on the new Springfield/HS Produkt XDM. Wonder if it has improved upon the awful 14.5 pound double-action trigger pull of the original? Does it still has QC issues with the magazines led to FTF? Did they put a better quality hammer and trigger springs in it that will lasting more than few thousand rounds? For more information on the Chinese Type 92 family, check out the up coming issues of Guns and Ammo: Handguns Annual issue.


Steven said...

I assume this is another export variant and not for PLA use like the export version of the Type 77 pistol, the NP-20 series?

Coatepeque said...

Type 92 has been a good seller -- with Bangladesh Army ordered 5,000 Type 92 9mm pistols this year and it has became the "standard" in Pakistan.

Usama said...

LOL sounds funny . I havent seen any type 92 here in Pakistan.