Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cup holders and Accessories

You know this is how car dealers make money, right?    Don't ever let a car salesman pressure you into buying these overpriced, high-margin, cup holders!

In addition to engines and avionics, China now offers complete accessory packages for its J-11 family of heavy fighters.


Steven said...

I thought the J-11 wasn't going to be put up for export?

Solomon said...

hey you do know that the weapons are taken straight from the F-35 sales brochure right?

Coatepeque said...

You might be right, but they look Chinese to me.

Mike said...

hmm, it does look a little copy paste on first pic. But anyway, can China make its flankers 100% Chinese now? or does it still have some Russian parts we don't know about?

Jaco said...

"China make its flankers 100% Chinese now?"

All of J-11 DESIGN is 100% Russian!
ALL is COPY of SU-27SK except maybe some avionics!
Russia should be looking for better "allay" than China!

Coatepeque said...

Since China is training Indonesian's Su drivers, it will not be a big jump to sell them accessories at a lower price.

Unknown said...


Learn to read before you jump on other people. Mike asked a question, with, you know, a question mark at the end and all... which you somehow interpret as a statement, it takes an uncommon amount of incompetence to do that which leaves one wondering how you managed to type the message at all.

Yeah, and if we'd sell the Chinese some proper stuff which we sold to the Indians maybe they'll be more level with us. End of the day is neither of us trust each other and this is exactly what one expects.

For an actually sensible answer, as far as we know, the airframe is mostly Chinese, the engines are Russian (Chinese engine status uncertain, they'll probably have one production-ready at some point. We've seen some evidence of some Chinese engines being used but there are apparently still issues), avionics are (mostly) Chinese, radar, IRST, glass cockpit etc, the transmission is Russian, so it's sort of a half-breed.

Final word on the picture - there are stuff such as the ground attack munition line-up that's probably nonsense (there's a AGM-129 look-alike that as far as I know is not even tested by the Chinese), but a lot of the stuff such as the twin-rail launcher, the PL-8 and a dead give-away, the rocket pod, are Chinese.

Jaco said...


No YOU "Learn to read before you jump on other people"
He called those planes "flankers"
didn't he?
On top it's officially recognized by Russia as COPY of SU-27SK!
That was simply reaction on absurdity of his comment be cause J-11 is full copy.
So what would make those flankers "Chinese" when they are only copies anyway?
And even if I overreacted little bit what makes you think that you are in the position to play smart ass here you loser?