Monday, June 07, 2010

Russian military: China's J-15 fighter jets not up to par

"You no good".

Russian military: China's J-15 fighter jets not up to par
Source Alyona Topolyanskaya at 07/06/2010

China's J-15 carrier-based fighter will not be able to compete with Russia's SU- 33 fighter on global markets because it is inferior to the Russian aircraft, said Russian military analyst .

China since 2001 has been developing the J-15 naval fighter, which is believed to be a clone of Russia's Su-33 Falcon-D. China bought an SU-33 prototype earlier from Ukraine, and used it to develop its new aircraft.

"The Chinese J-15 clone is unlikely to achieve the same performance characteristics of the Russian SU-33 carrier-based fighter, and I won’t rule out the possibility that China could return to negotiations with Russia on the purchase of a substantial batch of SU-33s," said Col. Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Defense Ministry's Public Council.

The J-15 is expected to be stationed initially onboard the Chinese Varyag aircraft carrier, which is currently being fitted in the port of Dalian. China purchased the unfinished Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier from Ukraine back in 1998.

The SU-33 is a carrier-based multi-role fighter, which can perform a variety of air tasks such as fleet defense, air support and reconnaissance missions. The aircraft entered service with the Russian Navy in 1995 and are currently deployed on board the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

Korotchenko said that China was unlikely to solve technical problems related to the design of the folding wings and to develop a reliable engine for the aircraft, although the first J-15 prototype reportedly made its maiden flight on August 31, 2009, powered by Chinese WS-10 turbofan engines.


George said...

lol oh Russia. So short-term in thinking that they don't realize that any lead they hold in technology is also short-term, so long as they're comparing themselves to an economy that is superior in both size, and rate of growth.

Steven said...

I believe Russian, is what we call on the internet, being 'butthurt'

Michael said...

Russia why are you sinking so low now. Don't be angry cause your getting less orders from China, and no longer the big shot. So many guess and assumptions. China hasn't offered J-15, nor has China offered J-11 for export. Yet Russia being so angry is making up the most unreliable and worse media about Chinese military matter. Btw Russian technology isn't that reliable as known by Indian and Chinese airforce, claiming short engine life in AL-31's.

RSF said...

How inconvenient for the Russians that some of the most advanced and capable Flanker variants are being made with completely indigenous Chinese technology (like the J-11B). I'm quite sure that the made in China J-15 works just fine!

And this is why Sukhoi won't be selling SU-34 Fullbacks to the Chinese anytime soon.

valbonne said...

I believe this PRASAD is an Indian and his comments on this issue is nothing but personal hatred of Chinese and China. We are not here to condemn but to share with our fellow concern party.

On this J-15, maybe the Russian are correct in their assessment.

Type99 said...

Pity Indian lobby is strong in US. They have succeeded in convincing US citizens that Paksitan and China are grave threats to humanity. They use any negative news coming from these nations and make it huge before spreading it to westerners.

Michael said...

prasad, every Chinese technology is violation to intellectual rights? So every piece of technology makes is a copy then? Please don't go around the web posting propaganda. The 5.8 series firearms aren't copied, nor is the round. So that statement of "every piece" is incorrect. The loss of isolating China isn't gonna be short term, get educated in economy.

I think that comment should be removed, by the owner of this site, cause I'm actually really offended being half Chinese myself.

Coatepeque said...

One trash deleted.

sergei said...

Generally strange to see your pride in their aircraft industry. J-15 - a modification of the supersonic Yak-130. You transfer technologies? No And how many flying machines with an engine that you make yourself? The Russian AL-31 share a little? So why did your government buys it so far? No - your whole avivpromyshlenost - is up and stealing! You do not have school - this is a real problem! And, unless you have had this very school of design and production of aircraft - your technique no one will be taken seriously. And until this moment is still very far away.

sergei said...

Sorry. L-15 - modification of the Yak-130. J-15 - a day yesterday. Even if China and make a copy of the Su-33 with the new equipment - this fighter will not meet modern requirements and challenges ... It would be better working on the deck modification of the J-10 ... My humble opinion.

Williz said...

Yo!Yo!Sergei...You are very funny and your said were pure baloney. From my humble opinion, you have being very bias, hatred as well as jealous to China. You must be either an Indian, Vietnamese, Filipino, or even stereotyped Americans. China produce technology will proof to the world that their weaponry, machinery, goods and services can win favors from around the globe. Majority of Americans, included their government and the westerners' also agreed, which Chinese productions are reliable.