Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marine brigade regularizes element’s ship-boarding actions

Marine brigade regularizes element’s ship-boarding actions

(Source: PLA Daily) 2010-06-24

  One day in mid June, the “Xuefengshan” landing ship was tied up at a wharf of a military port in South China Sea, waiting for loading the marines of a marine brigade of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to conduct island-reef-landing exercise.

  The reporters saw that the marines carried out the loading according to the rule of “materials and equipment first and personnel later”. Under the guidance of the site commanding officer, such equipment as large transport vehicles slowly drove into the large cabin of the landing ship.

  10 minutes later, the heavy equipment was loaded completely. Then, the marines began to swiftly run into the cabin from the front gate of the ship in four columns and fixed the equipment together with the sailors of the ship to ensure the safety of the weapons and equipment during the sailing.

  After the loading, the “Xuefengshan” landing ship left the wharf and sailed towards the designated sea area at full speed to stage a beach-seizing and landing combat exercise.

  It’s introduced that after the promulgation of the newly-revised Formation Regulations of the PLA, the landing ship and the marine brigade jointly worked out the loading plan and properly arranged the placement positions of weapons and equipment. The landing ship initiatively cooperated with the marine brigade to accelerate the loading speed and formulate various plans and preplans to ensure the accomplishment of the loading task within the given time.

  By Zeng Qing and Li Yanlin

Editor:Yang Ru

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