Saturday, June 19, 2010

New changes in food support for PLA submarine troops

For those of you that understand 成语 -- 三军未动粮草先行

New changes in food support for PLA submarine troops

(Source: PLA Daily) 2010-06-18

  In late May, the reporters learned from a training base of the South China Sea Fleet of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that new changes had taken place in food support for submariners during the consecutive days of submarine training. A mix of food heaped in an oversized plate and canned food which used to dominate dining table have been replaced by appetizing and delicious four dishes and a soup, new-type food processed by advanced technologies. From now on, 80 kinds of green, fresh, nutritious and environment-friendly new-type food is available for the submariners during the oceangoing voyage.

  Many submariners who had been taking frozen meat and canned food on a long-term basis suffered from canker sores and anorexia since the high-temperature and high-humidity cabin environment was not suitable for the long-time storage of the green and nutritious food.

  Therefore, the Chinese PLA Navy has developed 56 kinds of food which can be stored at normal temperature and 24 kinds of frozen food through adopting advanced step-by-step sterilization and gas-containing technologies. All food packed with tin foil bags can be served after being heated in the steamer. Most of the food has been made boneless and can be stored in the submarines for as long as one year.

  It is learned that the scientific researchers of the PLA Navy have been keeping track of the new-type food taste trials among the submariners for 97 times. All results showed that the nutrition index of the new-type food is up to standard, and the new-type food support mode has realized the “six decreases” in the intensity of cooking labor, fuel consumption, cooking fume, cooking rubbish, cooking water and pollution to the submarine kitchen.

  By Liu Peiyuan and Li Yuanfang

Editor:Liu Wanyun

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