Saturday, June 20, 2020

JC-8F sporting the new two digit aircraft ID scheme

JC-8F is a tactic reconnaissance variant of the J-8F,  two main mods are conformal camera compartment replacing the twin 23mm gun compartment below the two jet intakes.  Underwing weapon hardpoints are also reduced from four to two, one per wing.    Some models of the JC-8F also equipped with refueling probe to enhance its operational range

Source (here)

JC-8F with refueling probe

 With ECM Pod
 With refueling probe and old 5-digit scheme

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Deino said...

Sorry to step in again but aren't these images with aircraft no. 88 and no. 22222 much more likely - and in my opinion quite obviously - faked? I know Longshi since some time and his images and as it seems it is not unusual to change some numbers with photoshop or erase certain ones to hide the true identity.