Thursday, February 04, 2010

J-6 is Bad Feng Shui

County parks fighter jet on local road triggering public criticism
Global Times - County parks fighter jet on local road triggering public criticism
* Source: Global Times
* [03:25 February 04 2010]
By An Baijie

A county government office in Hebei Province is under fire from the public for parking a decommissioned fighter jet on a high-traffic road outside a government building apparently for feng shui purposes.

The jet has been causing traffic congestion.

A spokesperson at the Gaoyi government told the Global Times Wednesday that the fighter jet has been used to promote patriotic education to children since 2007, and denied it was a feng shui symbol.

The Southern Metropolis Daily reported Wednesday that the local government bought the fighter jet at a high cost and placed it in front the government building at the suggestion of a fortune-teller.

The city planning bureau built a square at the end of a 40-meter-wide road in front of the government building to put the fighter jet in 2007. But some citizens complained it obstructs traffic and has been an inconvenience.

A retired official told the China Construction News earlier that the statue appears to be a rising coffin, which has a similar pronunciation as Sheng Guan Fa Cai in Chinese, meaning to get promoted to higher official ranks and to make big fortune.

That official said a government leader became sick and consulted a feng shui master for advice. The feng shui master advised that the road to the government should be blocked to ensure peacefulness and career prospects for the leader.

"After the fighter jet is put up here, traffic has become inconvenient. The roads became narrower for pedestrians and vehicles," a resident said. "Traffic is especially congested after school and after office hours. Many students are passing the road. It's dangerous."

The fighter jet was set on top of a pedestal; with the head rising upward seemingly ready to take off, which can be seen clearly from the government building.

An unnamed county official told the Global Times that the shape was just for convenience, not for superstitious reasons.

The fighter jet is considered a symbol of patriotic education as it helps safeguard the country. The official said the square was only half completed due to a shortage of funds.

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