Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A follow up on the "China, Taiwan Military Officials to Meet" report I posted yesterday

You can find another news release here.

I must admit, the cross strait relation is developing much faster than most people expected.

China discovered huge oil reserve in Taiwan Strait
China Times
By Staff Writers
April 1, 2009

According to researchers on both side of Taiwan Strait, they had discovered Taiwan Strait used to be a desert, and after years of drilling and research, they found there's at least one trillion barrels of oil under Taiwan Strait, if not more. Confirm rumors that this new discovery had been granted P90/1P designation as proven reserve by US oil companies that are eager to jump into the black gold rush in the Taiwan Strait.

State own oil companies on both side of Taiwan Strait had been drilling test rigs for the last 40 years, but most discovery were small oil wells and natural gas, nothing like the newly found oil field with reserve of at least one trillion barrels.

Neither governments had been commenting on the new old field discovery, but they have not rule out a joint venture to manage the new oil field.

On the related news, OPEC suddenly offered both China and Taiwan a seat on the OPEC. The one trillion barrel reserve would equal to all OPEC member's oil reserve put together.



Biggest oil reserved discovered in Taiwan Strait, US military attempt to invade Taiwan to take away the new oil field for all Chinese people
by Staff reporters
April 1, 2009

Breaking news of largest oil reserve was discovered in the Taiwan Strait had triggered a secret war between Imperial United States military and PLA. According to various sources, a naval and air war had been fought for the last 2 weeks, when the news leaked out a huge oil field reserve of at least one trillion barrels had been discovered in Taiwan Strait.

US had sent 4 aircraft carrier groups and various fighters based in Guam and Okinawa to attempt to wipe out Taiwan's air defense, thus paving the way for US Marines to land on Taiwan. But the PLA military was ready to defense Taiwan when the initial attack was detected, and the PLA forces, mostly Navy and Air Force units, able to defeat the invading forces, by using several new secret weapons that after 2 weeks of battles, managed to sink 3 out of 4 aircraft carriers, USS Nimitz, USS Reagan, and USS Truman. The Taiwan government, thankful of the motherland came to its rescue, had decided to become a SAR, and the former president of Taiwan, Ma Ing Cho, had swore in as the new Taiwan SAR regional administrator.

US officials denied such battles or war had happen, but there's no more comments on that matter. PLA officials also said they hope the war will not effect the future relationship with United States, since it's just a handful of people in US government and military that are trying to undermine the strong relationships between China and US, by hurting the feeling of Chinese people.

In related announcements from Beijing, the visit to Hong Kong by USS Nimitz battlegroup will be still be held from April 10 to 17, then follow by USS Reagan and USS Truman in May. These visits will not be effected by the small disagreements between China and United States.



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