Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Breaking News. North Korea Satellite Landed In Beijing.
Beijing Daily News
By Yu Ren Jie
April 1, 2009

The expected launch of North Korea satellite had a major malfuction, and landed in Beijing, near a air defense missile base. The rocket should have flew toward East toward United States, but it flew West and the payload landed in Beijing instead.

Local police and PLA units had sealed off the area in question. The failed satellite, look like a missile, had crashed and dug a big hole that now leaking gases. When reaching North Korea generals for comments, none was able to be reach, all were detained and might be shot by the Dear Leader for the major mistake.

Ten minutes later, North Korea news agency released a quick statement, stating that North Korea missile was so advance that it sense all those US and Japan ships waiting to intercept it, so the missile decided to go West instead. No mention of why it landed in Beijing, but PLA and PLAAF officials had placed the military on high alert, just in case North Korea decided to do something stupid.


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